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Our Mobile Crane Rental Fleet

A Crane for Every Job

ROC Corp's mobile crane services can react quickly to any situation - any time. Our fleet of boom trucks and mobile cranes will get your project done on time and on budget.

We provide cranes designed for versatility, maneuverability and efficiency, backed by highly qualified crane operators who work quickly and safely, so you can be assured that your project will be handled with the utmost care and precision.

We carry a fleet of cranes that cover a broad range of capabilities from 15 ton to 350 ton lift capacity, 71 ft to 326 ft tip heights, and manbasket suspension over 200 ft. Our cranes are outfitted with a wide variety of rigging to accomodate most applications.

Our cranes can service steel structures, HVAC, roofing, building supplies, electrical and mechanical construction, plumbing, concrete and pre-cast, silo erection, trailer and float service and machinery hoisting.

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Call (519) 650-7299 for 24/7 Crane Service in the GTA and Southwest Ontario

Mobile Cranes

Manitex 50155SHL

Tip Height: 202'

Capacity: 50 Tons

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Grove TMS 990E

Tip Height: 208'

Capacity: 90 Tons

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Grove GMK 5135

Tip Height: 236'

Capacity: 135 Tons

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Grove GMK 6350L

Tip Height: 396'

Capacity: 350 Tons

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Boom Trucks

Manitex 30100c

Tip Height: 155'

Capacity: 30 Tons (Trailer available)

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National Crane 1300A

Tip Height: 164'

Capacity: 30 Tons (Trailer available)

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Rough Terrain Cranes

Broderson IC-200

Tip Height: 73'

Capacity: 15 Tons

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    Benefits of Mobile Cranes

  • They are lightweight and capable of lifting extremely heavy loads
  • They are easily and quickly repositioned from one area to another
  • They need a fraction of space that other cranes need, making them perfect for narrow working spaces

    We Serve:

  • Commercial and Industrial Construction projects
  • Roads, bridge construction and maintenance
  • Facility maintenance
  • Steel erection
  • Tandem lifts
  • ...Any project that requires our cranes!

Whether it's a small job that won't take much time or it's a larger one that may need us to stay onsite for an extended duration, you can count on us to service all your craning needs.

Let us help supply you with the right crane for your project

When you call ROC Corp about your lifting needs, there is some information that our dispatch team will need to ensure that we can provide you with the best crane for your job. Here is a sample of some things we will need to know:

  1. What are you lifting?
  2. How much does it weigh?
  3. What is the scope of work required? (Describe the project).
  4. How high and how far does the object have to move?
  5. Are there hydro wires on site?
  6. Do you need any special rigging? (Chokers, spreader beams, belts).
  7. Do you need manbasket?

At ROC Corp, we are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at 519-650-7299 to book your crane.

Now with more locations. Mobile Crane services. Rapid Response 24/7

ROC Corp. has acquired Simon Crane Rental, a Burlington-based business that’s been family owned and operated for 27 years. With a focus on safety, precision, and proactive, hands-on management, Simon shares very similar values to ROC making it a welcomed addition to the company. Its six, well-maintained, late model cranes (from 40T to 240T in-house capacity) will be ideally suited to servicing the GTA.

Simon Crane Rental will continue to operate out of its existing facilities and employ its current operators to provide all of the services and commitments its customers have come to expect; as well as leveraging ROC’s much larger fleet and service offerings. With over 60 years of combined craning experience, ROC and Simon Crane Rental know exactly what it takes to lift high, lift heavy, and lift safe.